Free Resources to Support Learning

 Assessment for Learning Checklist

This checklist has been developed to help individuals and leaders identify areas where they may wish to further develop their AfL practices. Each section can be coloured in Red, Amber or Green to highlight current areas of strength and indicate areas to consider developing further.

These Curriculum Target Maps are free to download.

They have been designed to help with assessing children without levels. They can be used to see what areas of the curriculum children have mastered and areas they need to work on. The rings show how the curriculum increases with difficulty with inner rings being linked to lower levels of thinking and  outer rings highlighting the more complex areas. The Curriculum Target Maps can also be used to support planning in science.

Thinking Organisers

These Thinking Organisers are free to download.

Thinking organisers are non-linguistic representations, which can be used  to help students scaffold their thinking and make meaning of the learning. 

This Double Bubble Template can be used to support students in comparing and contrasting concepts so that they are able to analyse ideas. Students can colour code and theme the differences between the ideas to deepen their understanding. This version of the template was created by Clare Devlin.


AfL Checklists.pdf AfL Checklists.pdf
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KS1 Science.pdf KS1 Science.pdf
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LKS2 Science.pdf LKS2 Science.pdf
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