Feedback Scaffolding Cards

Feedback Scaffolding Cards can be used by pupils, teachers, parents or others to help learners. The cards can help:

  • Support peer assessment activities.
  • Support self-assessment activities.
  • Produce feedback on work.
  • Generate differentiated learning intentions or success criteria for lessons.
  • Generate differentiated questions for pupils to answer.
Each pack of Feedback Scaffolding Cards includes 40 laminated cards that have sentence stems for strengths on one side and areas of development on the other.
Feedback Scaffolding Cards have been produced to complement thinking taxonomies and the National Curriculum.

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Feedback Scaffolding Cards

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The strength feedback sentence stems have been developed to enable learners to have a greater comprehension about their work and how it relates to the success criteria. 

The improvement feedback sentence stems have been developed as questions to encourage  learners to engage with and act on the information provided. The improvement feedback sentence stems are also structured to move learners' thinking forward and provide them with next steps in their learning.

Together both sides of the cards will strengthen learners' understanding of themselves as learners and how they can progress, develop and improve the work they are doing. 
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